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AI That Works

The best way to automate customer service

Next generation conversational AI

AI isn’t about pre-scripted chatbots or asking your smart speaker about the weather.

At PolyAI, we build voice and text-based virtual customer service agents that truly understand what your customers want.

Our virtual agents are context sensitive, flexible and provide the best responses at every turn of the conversation.

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Natural. Scalable. Enjoyable.

Our technology truly understands what customers want, regardless of how a query is worded.

Our AI agents aren’t built on a decision-tree architecture, meaning customers can take control and lead the conversations they want.

Speak to your customers in their language

Our technology is language agnostic and can communicate with your customers in their preferred languages.

With our technology, we can port virtual agents into any language, fast.

High performance, even with small data

Our technology has already been pre-trained on billions of conversations, so we only need small amounts of in-domain data to train accurate virtual agents.

Omnichannel. Cross-industry.

Our AI agents work across all voice and text based channels so your customers can communicate on their own terms.

Low cost maintenance

Forget about retraining large customer service departments every time you change a process, product or service.

Our technology can handle an unlimited number of queries and learns changes in your processes, pricing or products directly from your data, straight away.

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At the cutting edge

We’ve assembled a team of the world’s best talent in conversational AI, and aligned them around creating unbeatable customer experiences. In the last two years, we have built a truly unique conversational model unlike anything else on the market.

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