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Voice Assistants

The best way to automate customer service over the phone in any language
PolyAI_Graphics_Understand Customers, However They Talk

Understand Customers, However They Talk

Automating voice interactions is notoriously difficult.

Our technology is designed to handle natural conversations across any customer support use-case, allowing customers to use slang, interrupt, ask questions and have the conversations they want to have.

Thanks to our pre-trained technology, we can deploy your voice assistant with minimal training required, and be ready to deploy in as little as two weeks.

Our technology

4x More Cost Effective Than Chatbots

Automating voice interactions can be up to four times more effective in reducing agent minutes than automating chat interactions.

Using voice assistants to handle high-volume use cases means you can pick up every call and never leave a customer on hold, significantly improving customer experience.

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Examples of personalised greetings from different voice assistants

Give Your Brand a Voice

What would your brand sound like as a human voice?

We design warm, human and friendly voices that complement your brand and engage with your customers.

Our voice assistants continue to learn the best personalised responses to deliver unbeatable experiences for every customer.

PolyAI voice assistants are pre-trained in banking, insurance, hospitality, energy & utilities, deliveries & logistics and more

Up and Running in 2 Weeks

PolyAI assistants are pre-trained for the most common transactions – such as ID&V, call routing, scheduling and troubleshooting.

We’ve already done the heavy lifting, so we can deploy a fully-functional voice assistant in just two weeks.

Transform Your Customer Experience

Ready to see how a PolyAI voice assistant can transform your customer experience, revolutionize your call center and maximize profits?

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