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What Can You Do With Voice?

Truly Conversational Voice Assistants

Understands customer language

PolyAI's unique natural language understanding model works alongside speech recognition technology to enable voice assistants to understand your customers, regardless of how they speak.

Handles unpredictable conversations

PolyAI voice assistants empower callers to drive conversations that make sense for them. Your customers can give information in any order and ask for clarification without being asked to repeat themselves over and over.

Voice-first design

PolyAI's machine learning technology has already learned from billions of conversations, so it's great at extracting the meaning behind overly-complex explanations even when your customers aren't sure themselves!

Example of intelligent call routing with a PolyAI voice assistant

Intelligent Call Routing, Without an IVR

Kiss traditional and ‘conversational’ IVRs goodbye.

PolyAI voice assistants allow customers to explain why they’re calling in their own words, without relying on keywords.

Our voice assistants can take important details – like customer names, account numbers and related products or services – and forward this information directly to the right agent, along with the call.

They can even do troubleshooting at the ‘IVR’ stage, increasing self-service to prevent simple requests from reaching an agent altogether. All without compromising on the customer experience.

Example of a restaurant booking with PolyAI

Bookings & Reservations

PolyAI voice assistants can make, amend and cancel bookings directly within your booking system.

Free your staff up to focus on the customers in front of them while PolyAI answers every single call, 24/7, to maximise revenue and provide exceptional customer service over the phone.

Example of ID&V with PolyAI

Secure Customer Verification

PolyAI voice assistants can ask customers for identifying information – such as name, account number, postcode etc – and match this against your customer database for smooth, conversational Identification and Verification (ID&V).

Our voice assistants will never record or save details taken in the ID&V process so you can authenticate customers safely and securely.


Human-Level Troubleshooting with PolyAI

Human-Level Troubleshooting

Customers love to tell stories, ramble, digress and change topics.

PolyAI voice assistants understand what your customers want, regardless of how they phrase their queries.

Our voice assistants provide a natural customer experience that gently guides customers to clarify and resolve their questions without the need for human intervention.

Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Personalise Experiences

Give personalised responses to audience segments. Whether you want your best customers to skip to the front of the queue, or up-sell additional features to customers who are most in need of them, PolyAI allows you to offer personalised experiences based on real customer data.

You can quickly add information and transactions around seasonal offers and current events so your voice assistant can be up to date, all the time.

PolyAI Conversational Data dashboard

Data and Insights

Live dashboards provide powerful, real-time insights into customer communications.

Monitor demand and get real-time alerts for sudden changes in volume to keep up to date on front-line business intelligence.

You’ll learn how and why your customers contact you, and the best ways to optimise your operations for maximum efficiency and best-in-class customer satisfaction. Access full call transcripts and react quickly to issues promoting an increase in calls such as site issues, website problems, current affairs or a rise in specific product enquires.

Cross-Channel Experiences

Offer seamless customer service with no-fuss cross-channel capabilities.

Our technology picks up conversations across channels, so customers can switch between voice and text platforms as they choose.

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