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PolyAI Press

With a team of industry leaders creating groundbreaking conversational AI solutions, it's no wonder PolyAI is making headlines.

Feature Articles

All PolyAI Press

TechCrunch | September 2021 | AI-driven voice assistant PolyAI raises $14M round led by Khosla Ventures

Emerj | June 2021 | The CX Impact of AI for Voice – with Nikola Mrkšić of PolyAI

Forbes | April 2021 | PolyAI CEO & Co-Founder Nikola Mrkšić named in Forbes 30 Under 30

VUX World | March 2021 | Creating super-human voice assistants with Nikola Mrkšić, CEO, PolyAI

Unite.AI | Feb 2021 | Nikola Mrksic, Co-founder and CEO of PolyAI – Interview Series

Fortune | Oct 2020 | Which A.I. planet do you live on?

ZDNet | Oct 2020 | The state of AI in 2020: Democratization, industrialization, and the way to artificial general intelligence

AI News | Sep 2020 | What happens when Google’s chatty bot chats with a chatbot?

Computer Weekly | Aug 2020 | Hangar 51 supports startups taking off in travel tech

Forbes | Jul 2020 | Five Of The Leading British AI Companies Revealed

Future Travel Experience | Oct 2019 | IAG selects 13 startups to join Hangar 51 accelerator programme

Sifted | Sep 2019 | Machine learning: go full stack or go home

Startups.co.uk | Jul 2019 | AI Startups and Future Tech: Black Mirror is Here

Tech.co | Jun 2019 | How PolyAI is Redefining the Customer Service Call with “Conversational AI”

EU-Startups | Mar 2019 | London-based PolyAI raises €10.7 million for its conversational AI customer support platform

Business Wire | Mar 2019 | PolyAI Raises $12M to Deploy Conversational AI Agents in Contact Centres

TechCrunch | Mar 2019 | PolyAI scores $12M Series A to put its ‘conversational AI agents’ in contact centres

The New York Times | Jul 2018 | Silicon Valley’s Giants Take Their Talent Hunt to Cambridge

Business Weekly | Oct 2018 | PolyAI targets $1.3 trillion market with conversational AI

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