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The most accurate conversational AI on the market

How Does PolyAI Build Unbeatable AI Agents?

We plug your knowledge bases into our model, which has already been trained on billions of conversations; giving high level performance out-of-the-box.

Our intent engine understands customers at every turn of the conversation, regardless of the language they use to express themselves. Our response engine picks out the best response from your knowledge base according to your business logic.

All PolyAI solutions integrate with your CRM and telephony systems to give a complete end-to-end solution that provides the best service for your customers and your team.Our one-of-a-kind technology does away with the need for architecting conversations with complex decision trees.

PolyAI agents are unbeatable when it comes to understanding customers, and reliably provide useful, semantically correct and appropriate responses with minimum training.

Intent Engine

Understanding Is Performance

The PolyAI Intent Engine equips our AI agents with human-level understanding, allowing customers to speak naturally and disclose information in a way that makes sense to them.

Encoder model

The PolyAI Encoder model has already been trained on the everyday language your customers use, so it's highly accurate out-of-the-box.

Intent detection

Our intent detector identifies what the customer actually wants, regardless of the language they use to explain it.

Value extraction

Our value extractor identifies and remembers relevant information to use when completing requests.

Response Engine

Creating Scalable Solutions

The PolyAI Response Engine searches through your knowledge and finds the best responses for customer queries, so training and maintenance is fast and simple.

Content Programming

Drop new or updated content directly into our framework, and your AI agent will learn to respond immediately.

Non-Linear Conversations

Our AI agents don’t follow predetermined conversational flows, so your customers can interrupt, ask questions and drive the conversations they want to have.

Context ranking

Our technology handles conversations as a whole, remembering previous turns and allowing customers to speak naturally.

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