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Why Choose PolyAI?

The Leaders in Conversational AI

PolyAI builds enterprise-ready voice assistants that outperform other platforms at a fraction of the price.

Deliver great CX through human-level understanding

Deliver great CX through human-level understanding

Great CX is about flexibility. It’s about empowering customers to drive conversations the way they want. Customers should be able to express themselves in their own words, interrupt, ask questions and change their minds at any point in the conversation.

Human-level understanding is achieved through close collaboration across all layers of the conversational AI stack from speech recognition to dialogue management.

At PolyAI, we augment speech recognition to reduce transcription errors. We fine-tune our NLU model to increase accuracy in critical moments – those habitual pauses, mumbles and clarifications – to make a conversation flow. We optimise dialogue management to account for context throughout the entire conversation, so your customers are always understood.

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Fast deployment and low risk of execution out of the box

Fast deployment and low risk of execution

PolyAI’s voice assistants are pre-trained in common consumer banking intents such as ID&V, payments, and transactions like reporting and blocking lost or missing cards, etc. Powered by our ConveRT model (the most accurate understanding model on the market), our voice assistants can understand any customer intent out-of-the-box.

Thanks to our pre-trained model, we don’t require training data from clients. A couple of hours talking through common call flows is usually enough to design and build a custom voice assistant for your company, ready to deploy with real customers within just 2 weeks.

PolyAI's scalable pricing structure

High ROI

Working with a specialized voice AI automation vendor yields cost savings in a number of ways:

  • Predictable and reasonable upfront cost
    • Because conversational AI is new and expertise varies, enterprises generally find it difficult to gauge and budget upfront investment for a DIY voice assistant project meant for deployment.
  • Predictable and reasonable operating expenses
    • PolyAI has a per-minute pricing model that scales with your contact volume, at a significantly lower operating expense on a per-call resolution than traditional call centers.
    • Voice assistants automate after call work, eliminating wrap-up from handling time.
    • AI has the flexibility to solve daily peaks and troughs and seasonal effects without the need for additional staffing
A PolyAI voice assistant can start in English and then switch to Spanish if the customer asks for it

Delivering customer service in any language

Our state-of-the-art machine learning model is pre-trained on over a billion English conversations, which gives us a world-class foundation for natural language understanding.

We’re constantly building upon this foundation by pre-training our model in over 15 other European and non-European languages. Instead of building new models for different languages, we incorporate new languages on-demand in a matter of weeks. This enables us to achieve the fastest time to market for voice assistants that are truly capable of conversing with real customers in multiple languages.

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Transform Your Customer Experiences

Ready to see how a PolyAI voice assistant can transform your customer experience, revolutionize your call center and maximise profits?

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